Galerija -Grčije

  • Parnitha Mountain The Mountain of Acharnes Municipality, Greece
  • Acharnes Museum The Archaeological Collection of Acharnes Museum
  • The Vaulted Tomb The Vaulted Tomb at Acharnes, Greece (It is a Mycenaean Vaulted Tomb dating from 14th to 13th century BC)
  • The Ancient Theatre The Ancient Theatre of Acharnes (Classic Era, 5th Century BC)


Galerija -Italije

  • Guilmi Guilmi is a town in the Province of Chieti in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is located on a hill Colle San Giovanni nearby the Sinello valley.
  • Guilmi According to legend the village, then called Tripaldi, lay on both banks of the Sinello river, until it was destroyed around 1720 by an invasion of termites.
  • Pietrapertosa Flight of the Angel, between the two Villages of Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano, (PZ) Italy
  • Norman-Svevian Castle The Norman-Svevian Hunting Castle of the Holy Roman Emperor Federico II, Lagopesole, Avigliano, (PZ) Italy


Galerija -Bolgarije

  • Muzei Sm


Galerija- Romunije

  • Peles Castle
  • Peles Castle
  • Peles Castle
  • Bucharest old customs
  • Peles Castle
  • Gusti Museum
  • Historic Bucharest
  • Caldarusani
  • Glassart
  • Snagov
  • Peles Castle
  • Mogosoaia Complex - near Bucharest
  • Atheneum Bucharest
  • St Anton Church
  • Mogosoaia Palace Mogosoaia Palace is a symbol of the Romanian architecture, which combines Wallachian elements, Byzantine and Italian. The palace was built by the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu in 1702 overlooking the beautiful park around.
  • Crafts Fair The Crafts Fair organized by the Romanian Peasant Museum Bucharest before Easter, gathers craftsmen across the country with icons, wooden household objects, weaving, stitching, etc.
  • Parliament Palace Parliament Palace in Bucharest - the second largest administrative building in the world.


Galerija- Slovenije

  • Ptuj Ptuj - the oldest town in Slovenia
  • Ptuj Ptuj castle - the archades


Galerija - Madžarske

  • Tokaj Vineyards in Tokaj, home of the Tokaji Aszú
  • Szeged The Votive Church of Szeged
  • Pecs Djami of Gazi Kaszim in Pécs
  • Gyula The Fortress of Gyula
  • Debrecen The Great Reformed Church of Debrecen
  • Hortobagy Herdsman in Hortobagy (Great Plain of Hungary)
  • Poroszlo Tisza Lake in Poroszló


Galerija- Moldavije

  • Soroca Soroca, Moldovan city situated on the Nistru (Dniester) river about 160 km north of Chişinău.
  • Soroca
  • Soroca Soroca castle.
  • Soroca Lumanarea Recunostintei
  • Soroca The city has its origin in the medieval Genoese trade post of Olchionia, or Alchona.
  • Soroca Soroca, Moldovan city situated on the Nistru (Dniester) river about 160 km north of Chişinău.


Galerija -Hrvaške

  • Istra Livade A small town in the valley of the River Mirna, the best known location for truffles in Croatia.
  • National park Risnjak The underground source of the River Kupa, Risnjak National Park

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