Besides project management and project communicatin SAGITTARIUS will focus on the following implementation componenets:

HERINEXUS: academic & research institutions, public-private-third sector jointly generate, share and transfer domain specific knowledge across the SEE building trust and creativity. Networking multilevel actors at different spatial levels and operation domains paves the way for innovation.

HERIDUCATOR: highly transferable knowledge platform invests in human capital certifying professional skills in the heritage sector across the SEE. This is the first attempt to institutionalize the interpretation of heritage as the most powerful tool to unlock cultural values inherent in the natural and man-made environment for a wide range of different audiences.

HERICARE: attractive, well-kept heritage increases self-respect and community cohesion particularly in structural weak areas. A novel mix of inclusion practices empowers communities and the young, acknowledging their status as cultural operators.

HERIBUILDER: An innovative heritage planning and management system guarantees the physical, cognitive and emotional accessibility to heritage assets.

HERITAINMENT: the usability of heritage assets is appreciated by local businesses and final products become industry related via the convergence of supply and demand.

HERISTAR: a Transnational Qualisign with market value for final products leverages the economic usability of cultural assets in participating regions. Project launch cultural heritage entrepreneurship as a place-driven development agent, demonstrating how heritage is valued, protected, communicated and used with ecologic, economic and social profit.