Project SAGITTARIUS introduces a novel concept to utilize different types of cultural values of natural and cultural heritage resources as a lever for development, paving the way for entrepreneurial innovation. Integration of academic and research institutions, public-private sector, local communities and individuals in preserving and promoting the natural and cultural heritage. The project is preparing to portable platform of knowledge and experience in human capital that will be useful in areas of SEE.

The project’s aim is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of small, mostly rural areas. These areas are beyond the well-known and crowded tourist attractions. Despite the rich and well-preserved heritage, remain on the periphery and unrecognizable. Many areas are underdeveloped, especially young people move because they cannot find employment opportunities. At the same time they don’t identify common values ​​and entrepreneurial opportunities in the local natural and cultural heritage.

The Project Area is affected by a series of common shortcomings, faced by all project partners with very different cultures and contexts each. While major fame heritage assets are facing overuse and decay, peripheral ones remain unrecognized, led to territorial depopulation, brain drain and underdevelopment.  

Globalizing economies are detaching younger generations from community roots and values. They thus suffer a cultural discontinuity, especially obvious in the attitude of younger and repatriated populations.