• ERDP Lead Partner - Greece

    Aegean University Logo

    University of the Aegean, Greece



    The University of the Aegean is an international research oriented university. It is an inspiring, innovative, socially committed institution situated in the Aegean Archipelago, the ancient cradle of knowledge.
    The UoA embodies the concept of a 'university- network'- a network of schools and departments, dispersed  over five Aegean islands: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes and Syros.  The challenge of academic and administrative decentralization has resulted in imaginative new approaches in academic practice and has enhanced the sense of unity within the academic community of each campus. It is the network structure that fostered the early and full incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies in every day practice. 
    The UoA invests in innovative educational programs and multidisciplinary fields of research that correspond to the needs of the modern world. It has led the way in the introduction of new undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines such as  environmental studies, ICT’s, multimedia and design,  humanities, Mediterranean studies, making the UoA a pioneering and competitive institution at Greek nd European level. It boasts an experienced and well-qualified academic staff with great research expertise, fully equipped laboratories, extensive international links in both research and exchange programs and a vibrant student community.  The beautiful Aegean islands provide a unique, natural, cultural and human environment in which high quality research and education environment can thrive.

  • ERDP PP1 - Greece

    EFXEINI Logo

    EFXEINI POLI- Local authorities network, Greece



    EFXINI POLI, Local Authorities Network for social, cultural, tourist, environmental and agricultural development, has been created in 1995 and consists of 30 Municipalities in 7 regions of Greece. It has implemented and it implements at local, regional, national and European level numerous programmes and projects as Lead Partner or Partner in the fields of: employment, social protection, fight against social exclusion, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, rural development, culture, education, sport and youth, gender equality, sustainable, safe and competitive energy, environmental protection, consumers’ protection, health prevention, human rights, local, regional, transregional development, tourism, cooperation and networking in the field of Civil Society (among others:  LEADER, LIFE, EQUAL, INTERREG, LEONARDO DA VINCI, SOCRATES, GRUNTVIG)

  • ERDF PP2 - Italy

    Sinello Logo

    Municipalities Union of Sinello, Italy



    The Union of Municipalities of Sinello, established in 2003, represents 5 Municipalities located in the Region of Abruzzo. They belong to a territory with rich cultural heritage since early history. Nowadays ERDF PP2 acts as a cultural catalyst connecting the coast of Adriatic Sea with the internal zone of Sinello Area. Being a local decision maker with 5 members,
    represents an area with dense cultural potential, visible in the original structures of the past. In fact, population and decision makers have luckily managed to conserve the historical and cultural heritage, handicrafts and the arts, assets which have greatly developed alternative forms of tourism in the area. In regards to Project objectives such as innovation, entrepreneurship, development of professional skills and cultural values for development, ERDF PP2 systematically pursues coherent policies of sustainable development and government of the cultural values in his own territory, creating, in the last years, networks among the Municipalities and other regional neighbours. ERDF PP2 has experience in collecting and good practices in culture, tourism, transport, models to prevent environmental hazards, environmental protection and community governance.

  • ERDF PP3 - Italy

    Mountain Community Alto Basent, Italy



    Mountain Community Alto Basento, represents 12 communities in the Region of Basilicata. It thus manages to diffuse Project results at a regional scale benefiting its members in the long run. In regards to Project objectives such as innovation, entrepreneurship, development of professional skills and cultural values for development , ERDF PP3 is interested in promoting and stimulate an active participation among local actors, making them act in an integrated way, in order to increase the competitiveness and appeal of the territory. Focusing on the training of local cultural operators and the development of small-scale entrepreneurship in the interpretation of heritage, ERDF PP3 serves not only the global objective of the SEE TCP and the new Lisbon Strategy, but most of all the wellbeing of local populations. The principal aim of ERDF PP3, entering SAGITTARIUS, is to strengthen socio-economic condition of the area through investments in cultural and natural heritage and supporting the tourist offer of economic operators. In the last Programming Period ERDF PP3 has acquired multiple experiences in the sector of heritage, culture and tourism and will share them with the Partnership. Especially beneficial to the Project will be the contribution of ERDF PP3 to establish a Partnership led Collaborative Network to promote Project scope.

  • ERDF PP4 - Bulgaria

    BCCI Logo

    Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria



    Operating at national level, ERDF PP4, The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is established in 1895 and is the leading employers association in Bulgaria comprising over 52.000 members. It is therefore a tremendous asset for SAGITTARIUS to connect the business environment with the heritage business, the creative industries and the arts. In terms of Transnational Cooperation, ERDF PP4 constitutes a major pillar for SAGITTARIUS: as an independent, non-profit NGO will contribute to the development of transnational economic cooperation among actors in the Partnership Areas, exceeding by far the Projects life time. In addition it will contribute to the creation of the enabling environments to connect entrepreneurial spirit and cultural values for development. ERDF PP4s philosophy is based on principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing and seeks to establish ethical and socially responsible relationships in business. ERDF PP4 offers a wide variety of services which cover the whole geographical territory of Bulgaria through the nationally represented membership and the network of 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry. In terms of international cooperation, it is a part of the integrated international network of Chambers of Commerce throughout the world and a member of various international organizations, joint-chambers and councils. To SAGITTARIUS this is a special added value because in this way the final products produced by the project will be immediately connected to global markets, benefiting thus significantly the Cooperation Area upon Project completion. In regards to Project objectives such as innovation, entrepreneurship, development of professional skills and cultural values for development ERDF PP4 will directly involve a significant number of its members in cultural production benefiting from Project results in the long run.

  • ERDF PP5 - Bulgaria

    Devin Logo

    Municipality of Devin, Bulgaria



    ERDF PP5, Devin, is a municipal centre representing 14 municipalities with a population of 15.000 inhabitants. It is located in the heart of 684 meters above sea level. With good connections to metropolitan centers Smolyan, Plovdiv and Sofia, it can profit from rural-urban complementarities. ERDF PP 5 is located in an intercultural space: southern boundary coincides with the border of Bulgaria with Greece sharing the natural habitat of Rodopi. In the last programming period this border region has inspired cross border, transregional and bilateral projects within the framework of Interreg IIIA, especially Greece-Bulgaria. ERDF PP5 is especially interested in the uprising tourism market segments in the region largely determined by the abundance of water and many hot springs minerals that form in the depths of Devins underground lake. Industry and industrial activities in the municipality are represented by enterprises of machine building, electronics, woodworking, separate departments of light industry, food and other branches of industrial activities with local significance. ERDF PP5s main concern is to achieve right balance between economic uses and protection of natural and cultural heritage as a precondition for the sustainable territorial development Within SAGITTARIUS, ERDF PP5, will activate public-private-third sector alliances to commonly utilize the regions heritage for development. Benefiting from the transferability of systematized knowledge ERDF PP5 will improve capacities of human capital. From the point of view entrepreneurial innovation, ERDF PP5 expects SAGITTARIUS to promotes the diversification of economic activities related to cultural production and consumption. Being a policy maker and a local decision maker, ERDF PP5, will aid SAGITTARIUS with a significant contribution: it will sustain the Project?s political innovation, which promotes community empowerment, employing women and youth in participatory practices and heritage planning.

  • ERDF PP6 - Slovenia

    eZavod Logo

    Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions, Slovenia



    ERDF PP6, EZAVOD, is private non-profit Institute with long term strategic vision to support and promote local sustainable development. Activities are focused on sustainable use of resources in Economy, promotion of Energy Efficiency and preservation of Environment to support European Union policies implementation. EZAVOD Institute focuses its main activities on Economy, Energy and Environment contributing greatly to the goals set by the New Lisbon and Gothenburg Agendas: networking and connecting supportive organizations; connecting science and economy; supporting business environment (supporting SMEs with business incubators and stimulation of business and innovation and connection of companies to enhance competitiveness). Representing a wide range of multivalent economic and social actors in the Region of Vhhodna Slovenija, ERDF PP6, is a special added value to the Partnership: Connection between heritage interpretation and entrepreneurship is not sufficiently known at local area thus it represents a great opportunity to local income and sustainable truism development. In addition Ptuj, Slovenia is a co-host of European Capital of Culture in 2012 what represents an excellent opportunity for high profile press coverage of SAGITTARIUS on national and European level. ERDF PP6 is also a member of Slovenian Network for Interpretation of Heritage established under Project SMID. This is a special added value to SAGITTARIUS, which aims to institutionalize Heritage Interpretation as praxis validated method to utilize cultural values for development. Participating SAGITTARIUS has a series of benefits for ERDF PP6 such as the improvement of professional capacity of its members via the Projects training activities; the Transnational networking; the promotion of sustainable development in the region; the improvement of local entrepreneur spirit and the contribution to ERDF PP6's long term institutional mission.

  • ERDF PP7 - Romania

    INCDT Logo

    National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Romania


    ERDF PP 7, The National Institute of Research and Development in Tourism, was created in April 1971 as a Centre of Studies and Projecting for the Promotion of Tourism, a public institution of national interest, being subordinated to the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism. After 1989 ERDF PP7 contributed to the process of restructuring and privatisation of tourism, inside the market economy. ERDF PP7 competencies with specific added value to SAGITTARIUS include the evaluation of tourism potential of the territory; strategies and policy for tourism and destination marketing. Specific competences such as tourism planning, creation of tourism products, re-launching of destinations will sustain Pilot Project development and evaluation within SAGITTARIUS. Operating at national level ERDF PP7 will diffuse Project results across the country, activating a wide range of multilevel actors. ERDF PP8 has a special interest in SAGITTARIUS expecting to produce a significant number of staff with increased capacities via the Projects training. ERDF PP7 will contribute to the institutionalization of heritage interpretation and in cooperation EUASP 1 reform the policy context for the interpretation of cultural values at national level. Participating the SEE project DATOURWAY, ERDF PP7 will capitalize on results achieved to transfer good practices. Being subordinated to the Ministry of Tourism, ERDF PP7, participates a series of networks such as the UNWTO, United Nations World Tourism Organization; CEI, Central European Initiative; ECT, European Travel Commission; Die Donau, Danube Tourist Commission; OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; BSEC, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation; Tourism Advisory Committee, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry. ERDF PP7 will intergrate the dynamics of the actors aforementioned as satellite Partners to the Projects Open Collaborative Network, enhancing thus the long term viability of project results.

  • ERDF PP8 - Romania

    IEN Logo

    Institute of National Economy, Romania



    ERDF PP8, The Institute of National Economy, is the oldest public institutional establishment of economic research in Romania. In 1990, it was reintegrated into the network of the Romanian Academy, as autonomous entity of fundamental and advanced economic research, and component of the National Institute for Economic Research. ERDF PP8 staffs are authors and co-authors of numerous books, studies and articles published in Romania and abroad. Operating at national level, ERDF PP8 develops various activities from events, seminars, conferences and research to consultancy and technical assistance reaching thus a significant number of multilevel actors and private investors. Therefore both in terms of Project implementation and diffusion of Project result ERDP PP8 will act as a connector intermediating concrete Project benefits to a wide range of key actors. ERDP PP8 is also in charge of the nationally operating Institute Development and Social Cohesion, which conducts studies related to social issues derived from the developments and changes during the transition period and preparation of Romania's accession to the European Union, contributing thus greatly to the goals set by the European Cohesion Policy and the New Lisbon Agenda. In addition ERDF PP8 is member of the Network of European Observatories (NEO) of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, through which provide regular information and developments in the field of industrial relations, working conditions and restructuring, published in the respective European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO), European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) and the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM). ERDF PP8 will integrate the dynamics of the actors aforementioned as satellite Partners to the Projects Open Collaborative Network, enhancing thus the long term viability of Project results.

  • ERDF PP9 - Hungary

    Károly Róbert College Logo

    Károly Róbert College, Hungary



    ERDF PP9, Károly Róbert College, offers faculties in the field of Economics and Agriculture, among them a Faculty of Tourism and Territorial Development, one of the few in Hungary, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism. This multidisciplinary sector of expertise is of special added value to SAGITTARIUS since it will connect the management of cultural values with tourism. Based upon knowledge gained so far, ERDF PP9 will such as destination management and all-season supply and demand may guide entrepreneurial activities into the right direction; In regards to Project objectives such as innovation, entrepreneurship, development of professional skills and cultural values for development, ERDF PP9 is especially interested to implement policies on education, sustainable tourism development in the area, derived from the Project. Project objectives are in line with the UNWTO guidelines on tourism and climate change; ERDF PP9 is fully capable to disseminate Project results at regional level, so as to enhance the regions sustainable cultural heritage tourism offers. Within SAGITTARIUS ERDF PP9 is interested to support research activities and Pilot Project Implementation in the field of natural risks of tourism, by analyzing the effects of supply and demand side at destination level and elaborate education and awareness programs for all tourism stakeholders public and private sector as well as consumers in order to directly engage them in the response processes. As an expert in tourism ERDF PP9 will collaborate with the LP to develop a quality curriculum for the Projects Training Course connecting heritage interpretation and tourism. 

  • IPA PARTNER - Croatia

    The University of Zagreb Logo

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    (University of Zagreb), Croatia


    The University of Zagreb (est. 1669) is the oldest and biggest university in the SEE and the IPA FLP, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is its biggest and the most prominent part, with 22 departments with 111 Chairs at the Faculty at the moment. Concerning heritage research and heritage, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the only one in the SEE that has established museology in 1984 and today offers courses in Heritage Management/Marketing /Interpretation, Virtual Museums etc. IPA PP performs scientific, artistic and developmental research, particularly carrying out research programmes of strategic interest for the Republic of Croatia, artistic creativity and professional activity as well as undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education based on them. IPA PP is performing it tasks according to the needs of the community in which it act. Members of the Chair (6 in total) are off specific added value to SAGITTARIUS regularly as they participate as key-experts in strategic development policies, planning and programming in the heritage sector. IPA FLP is a legal entity with the status of a public institution, registered in the register of scientific organizations counting 600 employees. Within SAGITTARIUS IPA PP addresses 3-level key actors: public, private /business and the third sector: the Museum Documentation Centre of Croatia, the Association of Young Museologists and the Academica Cravatica promote Project communication at national level using the publications, national radio and TV. IPA PP will encourage kick-off self employment model for young people involved in the heritage sector. IPA PP has very good and regular cooperation with the MDC, different Ministries and the Chamber of Commerce (Sector for Tourism) and will integrate the dynamics of the actors aforementioned as satellite Partners to the Project?s Open Collaborative Network, enhancing thus the long term viability of project results.

  • 10% PARTNER - Moldova

    The District Council of Soroca Logo

    District Council of Soroca, Moldova



    The District Council of Soroca, is a local policy and decision maker fully devoted to social planning capacities and education. 10% extends in the NE of the Republic of Moldova at 3.000 hectares with apopulation of 101.4.000, 176 km from the capital Chisinau. All subdivisions of the 10% PP work in compliance with Regulations approved by the council and Republic of Moldova law regarding Local Public Administration. A particular added value for SAGITTARIUS is the political orientantion of 10 PP?s DG Culture and Tourism, which implements governmental and district policies in the field of culture and tourism through the development of state and regional programs, the protection of culture, art and, promoting highly qualified specialists in the field, ensuring conservation and recovery, ensuring the development and effective operation of institutions of culture and art and meet the spiritual interests of the population. In this framework SAGITTARIUS will benefit 10% PP through the exchange of good practices in the heritage sectors and the production of staff members with increased capacities by the Programmes training activities.Of specific interest for SAGITTARIUS is the experience 10% PP has acquired with EU funded projects such as: Phare CBC 2005 Joint Visions; Our Europe, Culture without borders; Phare CBC 2006 Cross-Border Resource Centre for the inclusive education FOR CHILDREN; Phare CBC 2006 financing line Barlad Planetarium: Diversification of the tourism offer in the cross-border zone Vaslui-Soroca. 10% PP has an important role in the regional political address and is of special added value to SAGITTARIUS, which is oriented to the implementation of the ENPI Policy objectives.