The SEE TCP Project SAGITTARIUS is dedicated to promote cultural values for development, enhance environmental conscience and behavioural patterns, to mitigate the protection-use conflict and improve the attractiveness of South East European regions in support of socio-economic development contributing to the EU 2020 priorities for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The artistic and cultural activities have not only a key cultural and social value, but also an undeniable economic impact. Indeed, it is a fact that the cultural sector represents a productive branch that is growing in importance. The cultural factor is frequently used as a key element for regional and/or economic development. However in the new globalized economy cultural values are resource inherent and often hidden or ignored. They directly depend on the capacity of people to interpret and use them for public benefit. It is urgently needed to cope supply (cultural values) and demand (cultural consumption) via novel skills. GOLDEN BOW aims to create a participatory knowledge platform by addressing different target publics at SEE level and thus promote heritage entrepreneurship; in addition it aims to build the basis for the certification of individuals with increased capacities to meet the goals of the New Lisbon Agenda.