Mitigate the protection-use conflict

Hospital of the Knights Hospitallers in Rhodes, Greece: Red Cross Forerunner of the European Union!

Palace of Parliament

Parliament Palace in Bucharest - the second largest administrative building in the world

Create transnational alliances

Rhodopski Krem, Bulgaria

Invest in human capital

The Village of Castelmezzano, (PZ) Italy

Unite and mobilize social forces

National Park Risnjak: The underground source of the River Kupa, Risnjak National Park, Croatia

Advance cultural consumption

Ptuj, Slovenian oldest Town


Unite forces

Advancing cultural consumption in everyday life across South East Europe.


Economic usability

Prove the economic usability of cultural heritage and reconcile strategies.


Human capital

Launch cultural heritage entrepreneur-ship as a place-driven economic development agent.


The potential of culture

Utilize the potential of culture as driver for development.

Our Transnational Partnership builds a first attempt, to co-involve actors from the 3 spheres of state, civil society and economy within the domain of culture and heritage.

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RocketTheme Unite

unite forces and unlock the values of cultural heritage

Our common vision is to unite social forces and unlock the values of cultural heritage advancing cultural activity in everyday life across the SEE.

Max Prove

Prove the economic usability of cultural heritage

SAGITTARIUS applies in the Project Area an activity mix to utilize the socioeconomic potential of culture.

Max Invest

Invest in human capital

The Partnership produces a particular added value expressed in 41 activities in 8 WPs leading to endogenous development and improved capacities of human capital.

maxIco Utilize

Utilize the potential of culture

The Project Area employs an activity mix, which realizes the socioeconomic potential of heritage.


Giuliano de Medici and Simonetta VespucciOnce upon a time a very curious young couple heard of a place full of miracles and decided to explore it. They started collecting advice for this grand tour: They asked parents, friends and teachers, read books, heard the stories. When they finally arrived, they kept asking locals: where to rest and sleep, what to eat and drink, what to see and do. Much time passed. And it was taken up by asking. “The sky is the same everywhere”, they thought finally. Let’s go home. And they went home. Friends came curious to learn what they have been doing for so long. Have they seen the treasures? Have they smelled the flowers? Have they, have they? They have not. But there have been treasures all around. Hidden treasures…

There is a treasure in a place near you.
Don’t leave it unattended.

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Sagittarius Project

SAGITTARIUS is a Transnational Territorial Cooperation Project, funded by the SOUTH EAST EUROPE TRANSNATIONAL COOPERATION PROGRAMME) at 85% and by EU Member States at 15%. SAGITTARIUS includes 20 Partners from EU Member States (ERDF), from countries with EU candidate status (IPA), and Partners within the territorial zone of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

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Project Challenges

As a crucible of European civilization, South East Europe has a rich cultural heritage reaching back to several millennia. SAGITTARIUS is meeting the challenge to manage heritage wealth and safeguard cultural diversity; mitigate the protection-use conflict; develop and transfer a validated framework to unlock and communicate cultural values, improving access to heritage for all.


Project Legacy

360 Satellite Partners from the 3 spheres of state, society and economy are bound to the Partnership as holders of non-statutory Cooperation Agreements. Upon Project completion the  Transnational Non-Profit Non Governmental Organization “SAGITTARIUS” is co-founded by the Partnership and Satellite Partners, to ensure further diffusion and sustainability of achieved results.

A human face of Sagittarius


Project Manager, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb), Croatia


Communication Manager and Junior Project Manager - Mountain Community Alto Basent, Italy


Project manager - National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Romania


Municipality of Devin, Bulgaria


Project Leader, Research Unit - University of the Aegean, Greece


Chief of Agency of Sustainable Development and European Integrity Soroca, Moldova


Development Consultant - EFXEINI POLI- Local authorities network, Greece


Municipalities union of Sinello, Italy